What Our Customers have had to Say

My husband is in a nursing facility. I chose the blue colored label. It's perfect and different than what the facility uses, theirs are always white.

Anne 11/21

Great iron on tags!

Sue 7/21

The labels are great for the inside of the masks I've made for my grandchildren. I was able to cut them to size and the soft cloth they're made of makes it comfortable against their skin.

Betty 9/21

This past week my 92 year old mother was admitted to a nearby nursing home. Because the facility does resident laundry, all items need to be clearly marked. Thanks for your great iron on labels.


Wow you are fast!!! They look great and I can't wait to use them. Thanks so much!


I wanted to thank you for the rush order. These are far and away the best iron-on and stick-on labels I've ever used, thanks for everything.


We received the labels and just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE them.


Last year my daughter told me that hers were the only labels that stayed on from all the kids stuff in her bunk!!!! Thank you for a great product!

HS - Ontario, Canada

I have been ordering your terrific labels for a number of years now. I have bought thousands for my three daughters and I absolutely love them! I am thrilled to see that you have now added both colored labels and colored ink to your assortment. Thank you, SO MUCH!!!


I ordered labels for my sons camp clothes not even a week ago. They arrived yesterday. So Quick! I figured it would take me forever to put them on. NOPE. They went on easily. Just remember to follow the instructions. Thank You


Referred From: A Dad who ordered and used some for his daughter's clothes. He raved about their durability and ease to place into clothing.


Thanks to your great labels, my children didn't lose one item at camp this summer! An unexpected bonus is that because each child chose a different color, laundry sorting while at home is a snap. I'm ordering more colored iron on and stick on labels because my Mum is having her possessions "disppear" while she is in rehab from surgery. They are super-easy to put on, and stay put. I've recommended your company to lots of friends. Thanks


I just wanted to thank you for the timely delivery of a SPECTACULAR product. The labels were simple to apply and very durable. Thank You very much.


Finally, finally, finally I have found an iron on label that goes on easy and stays on. These are fabulous. Love them and would recommend your product to anyone. Fast shipping too!!


Thank you for your prompt response and timely delivery. Thank you for making it easy to choose and design the labels. You're great at what you do! I have not even looked else where since I found irononmdlabels.com. All the best 2009.


I have been using your labels since 2006. I just placed another order. I just LOVE them. The quality of your labels are the best I've found and the instructions are perfect. I have never had a label smear or fall off. They are just terrific! I would love to see you guys on Facebook so I could become a fan.


Thank you for the Superb level of customer service and fast delivery. I usually do not order on-line, but you guys made it very easy!

Jessica - PA

I purchased iron on labels from your company about 5 years ago and I used them for my children's uniforms. They stayed attached for the life of the garments. They were excellent. My children were accepted to a new school that requires uniforms. I immediately came to your website to order new labels. I refuse to purchase iron on labels from anyone else. I also highly recommend your company to other parents. I couldn't be happier with my purchases.


Camps require everything to be labeled, so buy iron-on labels. Here is a resource I have used successfully: http://www.irononmdlabels.com/ They have rounded corners and the product works very well. just try pulling those things off later-- whew!


I have just submitted my second order with your company. Just wanted to let you know that you have an excellent product and very reasonable pricing.


Your labels are perfect - easy to apply & STAY ON!! Your customer service is excellent!! Received my labels very quickly & they were perfect. This is my second order & I tell everyone I know about your excellent product. Thanks!!


I have ordered from you before and appreciate your good quality products and prompt delivery. My Mother is in a nursing home and I must label all her belongings. Keep up the good work!


I wanted to let you know, we are so thankful for your product. The BLUE Labels helped me find my grandfather's "lost" clothing items a lot faster. The labels are easy to adhere and they STAY PUT. Thank You!


Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your labels. I am using them for my Mom's clothes in the nursing home and they are JUST GREAT! The quality of your product along with the free shipping and promptness of delivery means a great deal to me. Thank you!


Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your labels last summer. I labeled all my daughter's camp clothes with them. Everything was just as you said. They were easy to apply, none of them peeled off and they were comfortable. The best part was how neat they looked--none of the messy marker look. Thanks for such a quality product. I ordered again from you this year.


I received these labels a few days ago and just wanted to tell you that I love them. They are much nicer than the ones I have been using. Thanks, I will be ordering from you in the future.