Graphic Iron-on Labels

New graphic iron-on labels

We have created the best iron-on label for the 21st century.

One or Two line iron-on clothing labels with your choice of graphic.

  • Thinner and softer than our basic iron-ons
  • White woven polyester fabric
  • Washable
  • Ravel proof edges
  • Tear resistant

Laundry safe iron on clothing labels are easily applied with household iron. Can be used on both light and dark clothing. Iron-on labels are a permanent and easy way to keep your family's laundry sorted and safe from loss. Label it, don't lose it!!

Create your own custom iron on label, pick fun clip art and fonts from our web site.

8 new font styles and colorful clip art available ONLY on custom iron on labels.

Have a special image you would like to use? No problem! After placing your order, your email receipt will include instructions on how to send us your own image for your label.

Graphic iron-on labels are also a great way to advertise your company or handmade crafts.

Make iron on labels for all your clothes, for all your family members. Between camp, school, day care, after-school activities, nursing homes, rehab facilities, it's easy to misplace items. And as our many elderly customers have told us, their clothing gets mixed up in the laundry or stolen by other residents. Iron-on clothing labels are a great way to ensure the safe return of your clothes.