Labels for Seniors in Nursing Homes and Care Facilities

Nursing home residents

Identify Resident's Clothing with Iron-on Labels

Iron-on clothing labels are an item requested by nursing homes and elder care facilities to keep residents' clothing from getting lost or mixed up with the other residents' belongings.

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Sticky Labels for Non-Clothing Items

Our durable, waterproof sticky labels are great for identifying personal non-clothing personal belongings such as shoes, books, water bottles, etc.

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Identify your COVID-19 Masks at School and Work

School student at her desk wearing a mask

Iron-on Labels for reusable COVID-19 masks

Personalize your masks with our permanent, machine washable and dryer-safe iron-on labels.

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Stick-on Clothing Tag Labels for disposable masks

Our easy to use, personalized stick-on labels are perfect for daily-use masks. Simply stick on the inside of mask, then remove the label to wash your mask and put on a new label daily or as needed.

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Special images can only be used on these specific labels:
Graphic Iron On Labels
Stick On Clothing Tag Labels
Sticky Labels

Iron-on labels have more uses than simply labeling your clothing.

Use iron-on labels on party favors for Bat Mitzvah, Weddings, Baby Showers,

Business Advertisement, table cloth rentals Etc

NEW Graphic Iron-on Labels

Iron-on and Stick-on Labels
for all Your Clothing & Belongings offers a wide assortment of iron-on labels, sticky labels and accessories that may be used on clothing and personal items for summer camp, school, and nursing and long-term care facilities.

We now offer Stick On Clothing Tag Labels
Label S2 - Simply apply to clothing tag or printed brand stamp

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Special Packages

Save BIG by purchasing a special package for children attending summer camp or daycare, for the elderly living in nursing homes and elder care facilities.

Kid's Camp Package

Kids Camp Package

Graphic Iron-on & Sticky Label Package

Graphic and sticky label package

Blank Iron-on Label Package

Blank label package

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Iron-on Labels

Iron-on labels are perfect for identifying your clothing for summer camp, day care, and nursing or retirement home resident. Don't forget special occasions, business or any other use you can think of!

Color Graphic Iron-on Labels

Color graphic iron-on labels

Classic Iron-on Labels

Classic iron-on labels

Color Iron-on Labels

Color iron-on labels

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Stick-on Labels

Stick-on Labels

Sticky Labels are Durable white waterproof, tear, and smudge resistant poly sticky labels to stick on your belongings to identify as your own. Use on items such as water bottles, shampoo, toothpaste, hair brushes, flashlights, books, etc. Small and Large Sticky labels are NOT for use on clothing. Oval sticky labels fit great inside shoes and come with clear overlay for extra durability. 

Stick On Clothing Tag Labels  will stay on through washing and drying, Until you choose to remove them. Simply apply to Clothing Tags OR Brand Stamp. Easy to remove.

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All you need to go with your labels for summer camp or living in a nursing home:

Laundry bags, permanent laundry markers available in black, red, blue, green, label removal kit, and pressing parchment square for best application of our iron on labels.

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